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The Working Groups are at the heart of Partnership action on buses, passenger cars, fuels, commercial vehicles and innovation. Participants of these Groups must be signed-up as members of the Partnership.

Bus Working Group

The LowCVP Bus Working Group consists of bus manufacturers and operators, design engineering companies, passenger transport executives, local authorities and others. It develops action programmes to speed the introduction of low carbon buses in the UK.

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Fuels Working Group

The Fuels Working Group provides analysis and strategic advice on promising low carbon fuels including biofuels and hydrogen. As part of its remit the Group develops advice on a suitable fiscal framework for low carbon fuels and identifies options for research and development.

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Passenger Car Working Group

The LowCVP Passenger Car Working Group is comprised of vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, consumer associations, environmental groups and other interested parties. Its role is to accelerate the introduction of low carbon cars in the UK.

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Innovation Working Group

LowCVP's Innovation Working Group supports the development and introduction of new low carbon technologies. The issues facing technology developers- especially SMEs - in finding research, business and investor partners, as well as breaking down market barriers are the primary focus.

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Joint Working Group Projects

The LowCVP sometimes runs joint working group projects where the project content crosses over working group areas or where the content does not fit comfortably within one of the other groups. These projects are overseen by the Members Council.

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Commercial Vehicle Working Group

The commercial vehicle working group was created to shadow the work being conducted under the Department for Transport's Low Carbon Truck Task Force. The group will build on the previous work of the CV Working Group and, if required, meet to develop specific work projects.

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