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Passenger Car Working Group

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The LowCVP Passenger Car Working Group comprises vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, consumer and environmental groups, local authorities, consultants, Department for Transport and the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). Its overall aim is to accelerate the reduction in new car and van CO2 emissions by working with a range of stakeholders to: increase the introduction of low carbon cars, vans and fuels into the UK, to better inform car and van buyers of the low carbon options available and investigate opportunities to influence car buyer behaviour.

Chair: Dr Richard Barrett, Reader in Industrial Design, University of Liverpool

LowCVP Lead: Gloria Esposito, Head of Projects

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On the agenda

  • DfT and OLEV update
  • WLPT/Consumer Information Study
  • L-Cat Study
  • Guest speakers: Dr Ben Lane (Next Green Car) and David Beeton (Urban Foresight)






The Group's achievements include:

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A member view...

The acceptance of so many significant changes in technology have mainly been driven and brought about by the dedication of the LowCVP.
Alan Martin, Scania GB