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  • VW study shows CO2 benefits of EVs over whole life-cycle


    A study published by car maker Volkswagen finds that for the same model VW Golf operating on different powertrains, the electric vehicle performs better in terms of CO2 emissions than the ICE diesel model with which it is compared over the full life-cycle.

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  • National Infrastructure Commission report calls for 2040 ban on diesel trucks


    A new report from the National Infrastructure Commission says that the UK Government should ban the sale of new HGVs running on diesel from 2040. The report's publication coincided with a decision by the European Parliament to pass legislation to mandate that EU-based truck and lorry manufacturers will have to cut CO2 emissions for new vehicles by 15% by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

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  • London's ULEZ begins - in vanguard of major effort to tackle polluted air


    The world's first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has launched in London today; a major element of the capital's efforts to clean up air pollution. London is leading on UK city-based efforts to tackle poor air quality after the UK Government lost several high profile court cases for failing to ensure air quality meets legal standards in several parts of the country. The vehicle standards adopted by the ULEZ are common to Clean Air Zones planned in other cities. 

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  • New app developed to encourage drivers out of their cars


    App developers plan to bring technology to market that aims to encourage drivers not to make unneccessary car journeys. The app, which will be activated once the vehicle detects that a person is in the driver's seat and before the engine is turned on will use the latest 'smart' technology to provide the driver with information about alternative ways of making the journey and, perhaps, the benefits of not making the journey at all. 

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  • John Lewis plans zero carbon fleet by 2045


    John Lewis Partnership has announced plans for deep decarbonisation targets in line with a 1.5C climate change trajectory, including a pledge to have a carbon-free transport fleet by 2045. The announcement is part of the Partnership’s new zero carbon strategy, which will see the company reduce its operational greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 at the latest.

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  • LowCVP Annual Conference 2019 - save the date: July 8!


    The LowCVP's 2019 Annual Conference will take place in Westminster, London on Monday, July 8th. The event will focus on the fuels agenda, acknowledging the momentum behind moves to 'electrify everything', while analysing which other fuel types can support the drive to cut emissions in the short, medium and long-term and what policy interventions are required to support them. The LowCVP Conference will form part of a two-day fuels-focused event (8-9 July), held in collaboration with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and in association with the Renewable Energy Association (REA).

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  • Stakeholder workshops to define pathway to low carbon freight transport


    The Advanced Propulsion Centre and Energy Systems Catapult are inviting stakeholders to either of two workshops to help generate ideas to help define a cost-effective pathway to decarbonise road freight. The events will be taking place in Birmingham (April 8) and London (April 10).

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  • £4m Government funding for technology to improve rural bus services


    The Government has announced £4m funding for a new digital platform which will provide location information about rural bus services. The initiative aims to give passengers greater certainty about when their bus will arrive.

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  • Amnesty International calls on EV makers to produce 'ethical battery' within five years


    The human rights organisation, Amnesty International, has called on car makers to publicly report on the full impacts of battery production, pointing to child labour used in the mining of cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the upstream environmental impacts.

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  • London's ULEZ to start on April 8; other cities announce CAZ plans


    London's long-heralded Ultra Low Emission Zone will begin operating on 8 April. All vehicles operating on roads in the current Congestion Charge Zone will have to meet new, tighter emissions standards or pay a further daily charge to travel within the area. Several other UK cities - including Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds - have announced plans to introduce Clean Air Zones; with similar aims to London's ULEZ.

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