Fleet Fuel Efficiency

In the 2009 Budget it was announced that increases in BSOG payments in April 2010 would be dependent on improvements in fuel efficiency of each bus operator claiming BSOG. The key elements of the measure are that:

  • A 3% increase in the BSOG rate will be payable, from April 2010, to any operator which achieves a fuel efficiency improvement of 6% compared with the "base year". The 3% uprating will apply to the BSOG rate for each fuel type.
  • Operators may choose either 2007-08 or 2008-09 as the base year for their calculation. An operator which chooses 2008-09 will need to have achieved a 6% improvement in just one year in order to receive the 3% increase in BSOG rate in 2010-11, while an operator which chooses 2007-08 as its base year has two years in which to achieve the improvement.
  • Operators achieving the 6% improvement in their first certified claim after April 2010, will have the payment backdated to cover all BSOG claimed from 1st April 2010 onwards.
  • New operators, joining the BSOG scheme too late to have either 2007-08 or 2008-09 as a base year, will not be eligible for the increase in BSOG rates from April 2010. While community transport operators claiming BSOG will automatically receive the 3% uprating from 1 April.