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  • 2020
  • The Renewable Fuels Guide

    LowCVP's new guide gives fleet operators an overview of the range of low carbon, sustainable fuels now available in the UK, with a focus on high blend biofuels for use in commercial vehicles. It demonstrates the business and environmental case for adopting high blend biofuels, featuring a series of fleet operator case studies.


  • Proposals for a Low Carbon Fuel Assurance Scheme

    The Low Carbon Fuel Tracking Scheme (LCFTS) aims to provide assurance and traceability of the carbon and sustainability performance of renewable fuels being sold to fleet operators in the UK. It complements DfT's Renewable Fuel Transport Obligation and facilitates evidence of carbon and sustainability for low carbon fuels beyond the point of fuel duty,


  • WTT Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors: Review and Recommendations

    A review of well-to-tank GHG emission values and pathways for natural gas, biofuels and hydrogen


  • Energising Our Electric Vehicle Transition

    The final report of the EV Energy Taskforce. Published January 2020. This report focuses on steps to remove actual or potential barriers and reinforce actual or potential enablers. It provides a focus on key issues and states when important questions have to be resolved. The proposals are not just for Government. Success will need collaboration and compromise from all stakeholders, both in the energy and the automotive sectors. We hope that the report will catalyse action: agree


  • 2019
  • Consumer research examining the importance of total cost of ownership during the car buying process

    Objectives To identify what financial information consumers find most important To identify consumer preference for presentation of financial information, in particular total cost of ownership To investigate what incentives consumers would favour with regards to purchasing an electric car


  • The Route to Tomorrow's Journeys - Powered Light Vehicle

    Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs) is the collective term for a range of two, three and four-wheeled vehicles for either passenger or cargo use. Their compact size and light weight ensures optimal use of available road space and as they are predominantly powered by zero and low-emission powertrains they offer an efficient, clean and practical form of personal and commercial mobility.


  • Development of Emissions Testing Procedures for Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs)

    An early step in plans to develop a robust, representative and cost-effective methodology for measuring the energy consumption and emissions performance of refrigerated commercial vehicles.


  • Clean Vehicle Retrofit Technology Guide

    The Clean Vehicle Retrofit Technology Guide details the approved retrofit technologies under the Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS) commissioned by the Joint Air Quality Unit to support the clean up of the exiting vehicle fleet. The Guide covers technologies accredited for bus, coach, truck, refuse collection vehicles, vans and taxis and provides indicative TCO and case studies.


  • The Low Emission Van Guide

    A guide that sets out the business, environmental and operational case for operating low emission vans in a small to medium-sized fleet of commercial vehicles (up to 3.5t GVW). Prepared by Cenex for LowCVP - June 2015.[Updated March 2019]


  • Car Buyer Website Research

    Availability and presentation of environmental, performance and running cost information across different powertrains.


  • Powered Light Vehicles: Opportunities for Low Carbon L-Category Vehicles in the UK

    Report produced by LowCVP and collaborators interested in promoting L-Category vehicle uptake in the UK.


  • 2018
  • The Low Emission Taxi Guide

    Helping Local Authorities implement low emission taxi and private hire vehicle schemes.


  • Understanding the life cycle GHG emissions for different vehicle types and powertrain technologies.

    This report provides the next level of understanding by examining how life cycle CO2e emissions vary by vehicle type, powertrain architecture and fuel Results are primarily based on a broad literature review and critique of existing automotive LCA material to provide insight into current industry understanding of life cycle CO2e emissions for low carbon vehicles. LowCVP members contributed to this literature review by providing re


  • BEAMA Guide to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

    This 2015 guide provides an impartial summary of the current options for EV charging, their suitability in different scenarios, interoperability and standards, all within the context of the wider energy infrastructure and the future need for smart charging.


  • 2017
  • Clean Vehicle Technology Fund and Clean Bus Technology Fund Programmes - Evaluation Report

    LowCVP report repared for the DEFRA/DfT Joint Air Quality Unit


  • Successfully Deploying E10 Petrol

    The final report from the LowCVP's E10 Working Group


  • Emissions Testing of Urban Delivery Commercial Vehicles

    The results of tests to measure the greenhouse gas and pollutant emission performance of various urban freight delivery vehicles, on behalf of Transport for London.


  • Emissions Testing of Gas-Powered Commercial Vehicles

    The results of tests to measure the greenhouse gas and air pollutant emission performance of various gas-powered HGVs, on behalf of Department for Transport.


  • 2016
  • A Green Bus for Every Journey

    Case studies showing the range of low emission bus technologies in use throughout the UK


  • Low Emission Bus Guide: Interactive version

    Low emission bus guide: an interactive version


  • The Low Emission Bus Guide

    The Low Emission Bus Guide: a comprehensive resource on low emission bus (LEB) technology in operation in the UK today


  • Low Emission Van Guide - Updated March 2019

    Updated Low Emission Van Guide with new chapter on hydrogen and updates to grants and support


  • Automated Vehicles: Automatically Low Carbon?

    Study on the impacts of automated and connected vehicles on carbon emissions by the Institute for Transport Studies, Leeds, commissioned by the LowCVP and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers


  • Journey of the Green Bus

    A revolution in the introduction of greener, cleaner buses in the UK is helping deliver on climate and air quality objectives. LowCVP report for Greener Journeys.


  • 2015
  • Transport Roadmaps - A guide to low carbon vehicle, energy & infrastructure roadmaps

    Prepared by Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership - September 2015


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