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LowCVP Annual Conference, 28 June 2007

Thu 28 June 2007 | Back to gallery list

At the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Annual Conference on 28 June, the winning entries to the CarsNOTCarbon were announced. The big current issues including CO2 regulation for cars and the introduction of biofuels were debated. Highlights of the latest ‘state of play’ of the King/Stern Review which is examining vehicle and fuel options to decarbonise road transport were presented by Prof Julia King. The LowCVP Director presented the results of the LowCVP’s first full stakeholder opinion survey together with the results of a survey on the impacts of the fuel economy label. The LowCVP Chair, Graham Smith, also showcased LowCVP’s main activities and achievements and its plans for the future.

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The LowCVP’s strength lies in the breadth of its membership, wealth of information and a place to meet key industry contacts
Glenn Saint, Chief of Engineering and Manufacturing, Arrival