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Working Group 3: Policy & Investment certainty (Supply Side)

This working group has considered the measures required to meet the EU Renewable Energy Directive transport fuels target for 2020 and how to provide confidence to investors and the wider stakeholder community.
Issues which the group has addressed include:
  • How should existing biofuel plant investments be protected? 
  • How should future investment in advanced fuels be encouraged?
  • What measures are required to support the introduction of E10?
  • How might advanced fuels be incentivised for use in aviation?
  • What tools are available and how quickly could they be implemented? E.g. RTFO, Fuel Duty, Motor Fuel Regulations, etc.
  • Understanding the RTFO reporting interim targets and their implications better.
  • How should demand and supply be handled?
  • What are the risks of acting too fast and acting too slow or not at all?
  • Map out the policy timeline. What will be known and when?
  • How late can a measure be introduced to be effective?
  • How should the risk of not being able to achieve B7 be handled, in particular in winter? Is this a volume issue or a cost issue?
  • What does it take to secure investment and what does investor certainty mean?
  • What measures are required to ensure alternative fuels are capable of being deployed in road transport to 2020 and beyond?
Project status: completed.
Working Group Chair: David Baldock, Executive Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy
Secretariat: Jonathan Murray, LowCVP

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