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Working Group 1: Establishing the evidence base

This working group has considered the approach to modelling transport energy policy options, agreeing the evidence base and scenarios to be considered by the Task Force.

Issues which the group has addressed include:

  • What contribution can be made by demand management to reduce GHG?
  • How does the modelling approach used compare with other approaches used?
  • How to ensure the modelling is ‘correct’ and used appropriately?
  • How can model, data or scenarios be improved?
  • What is the availability of bioenergy?
  • What is the potential volume of waste feedstock available for fuel?
  • What is the growth opportunity from a transport energy industrial policy?
  • What role can alternative fuels play in the short and longer term?

Project status: completed.

Working Group Chair: Ausilio Bauen, E4Tech

Secretariat: Tom Robertson, DfT

Key papers:

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