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Evolving Car Buyer Information


The provision of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption figures has been mandated in auto manufacturer promotional literature and point of sale information for over two decades. The process of buying a car is becoming increasingly complex due to the availability of new powertrains such as plug-in hybrid, range extender and battery electric. Understanding and comparing the emission and fuel consumption performance can be a challenge and consumers typically fail to consider their journey profile and fuel efficiency impact of optional kit in the car buyer process. Car buyers are rarely presented with purchase and running cost information in parallel and subsequently the total cost of ownership (TCO) thereby obfuscating any benefits available. Improved point of sale presentation of this information will enable consumers to make better informed choices, allowing for a potential switch to more efficient ULEV purchases.

In preparation for mandatory inclusion of WLTP CO2 emissions for new cars from April 2020, LowCVP will seek to revise the voluntary section of the new car label providing clear information about the CO2 and fuel/energy efficiency impacts made by optional equipment and/or powertrain choice. Car buyer engagement will form part of the redesign work. If the Passenger Car Regulations are to be amended over the next 6 months, LowCVP would anticipate an overhaul of the car label design, refining accessibility and simplicity.

In response to LowCVP research showing preference for electronic information, an evolve to digital platforms would be sought.


To examine how the voluntary section of the new car label can be improved in advance of the transition to WLTP
Create new WLTP car label templates for ICE, PHEV and BEV to be integrated into the DfT’s car labelling scheme
To explore how the printed car label could evolve into a dynamic, electronic label at car showrooms
Present an evidence base to the European Commission to inform the review of the EU Labelling Directive including summary of LowCVP car buyer research and work on WLTP integration.
Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement

LowCVP Secretariat to lead in collaboration with stakeholders from PCWG including BMW, Toyota, PSA, SMMT, University of Liverpool and TEPR.

Timeline and Deliverables

August 2019 - February 2020



New car label design template for ICE, BEV and PHEV


Information campaign for roll-out of refreshed label

March 2020

Outputs of this, and related past projects are collected on the Car Buyer Research Page

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