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The Road Transport Emissions Advice Group



The Government’s Road-to-Zero Strategy outlines a host of policies and initiatives designed to significantly reduce the UK’s vehicle emissions, many of which directly impact the motorist. For these to be effective, it’s vital that they are clearly communicated to and embraced by consumers. However, new car buyers are increasingly faced with an overwhelming array of rapidly changing technologies and fuels when making their purchase decisions.

The plethora of options, not helped by an undercurrent of conflicting news and information, can cause confusion leading to uncertainty, apathy and apprehension resulting in inaction.
Awareness of the challenge has resulted in the formation of a new Road Transport Emissions Advice Group (RTEAG) bringing together government, industry, motoring organisations and other key stakeholders to facilitate consistent messaging, definitions and consumer advice. Collaborative message development will lead to greater dissemination and influence giving motorists the meaningful guidance.


  • To work closely with government and key industry stakeholders to improve the quality, consistency and clarity of consumer-facing policy messaging and driver choices
  • To develop and deliver a strategy that enables agreed messaging to reach motorists in a timely, relevant way using third party consumer-facing channels
  • To identify, develop and agree the consistent definitions required for forthcoming policies and regulations
  • To provide motorists with the help and advice they need to make the best (fuel and technology) vehicle choice, environmentally.

Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement

LowCVP Secretariat to work closely with DfT, in collaboration with key stakeholders including: the AA, RAC, RAC Foundation, SMMT, NFDA, EST, UKPIA, GoUltraLow.

Timeline and Deliverables

To be agreed with DfT and WG, but provisionally:


"Know Your Electric Range" launch & amplification across RTEAG partners Download
"Know Your Emission Zone" guide - Publication Pending
N.B. delays to the implementation of proposed CAZs and uncertainty around additional zones has put this guide on hold until at least Jan 2021.
View Draft
"Know Your New Car" guide - Publication Pending
Making showroom visitors aware of the redesigned ‘new car environmental label’ and how it helps them choose the lowest carbon car for their journey. The planned March 2020 launch was delayed due to dealer closures.
View Draft
Consumer Friendly Technology Definitions - Publication Pending
Helping motorists understand the differences and benefits of the latest car technologies. Final approval now delayed due to COVID crisis.
View Draft

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The acceptance of so many significant changes in technology have mainly been driven and brought about by the dedication of the LowCVP.
Alan Martin, Baumot