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WLTP: Automotive Industry and Consumer Awareness

Car Buyer Information


LowCVP carried out a range of activities during 2018/19 to promote the introduction of WLTP to the automotive industry and consumers, working in partnership with stakeholders including VCA, SMMT, NFDA, BVRLA, FleetNet and automotive data suppliers. Additionally, LowCVP produced guidance for manufacturers to encourage consistency and intelligibility in the provision of WLTP/NEDC data for car buyers. The work stream will continue this year focusing on preparing both the industry and consumer for the transition of CO2 emission figures produced via WLTP from April 2020. This is relevant for consumer information and taxation most, notably VED and company car tax. Whilst Treasury has yet to announce how taxation might be adjusted in light of WLTP CO2 and electric range figures, LowCVP will make consumes and OEMs aware of changes as early as possible. This activity will complement revisions taking place to the new car label for April 2020 and form part of the consumer messaging work under the Road Transport Emissions Advice Group.


  • To inform the automotive industry and car buyers of changes to car taxation as a result of transition to WLTP
  • Revise LowCVP Automotive Industry Guidance note and disseminate
  • Produce a 'Know Your Tax' leaflet for dealerships in collaboration with NFDA Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement LowCVP Secretariat to lead and collaborate with SMMT, automotive members and NFDA.

Wider stakeholder engagement will take place through the RTEAG and various automotive websites.

Timeline and Deliverables

N.B. Very much predicated on when HM Treasury announces changes to taxation. October 2019 – March 2020

Automotive Industry Guide Update Nov/Dec 2019
Dealer leaflet ‘Know your car tax’ Nov/Dec 2019

Outputs of this project are collected on the WLTP Resources Page

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