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Refreshing the Used Car Label


The used car label scheme is a voluntary initiative set up in 2002 by LowCVP, SMMT, VCA and DfT for use with ICE vehicles. Over the next nine months several environmental policies coming into force will significantly influence second-hand car buyers. The used car label can serve as a useful consumer facing medium acting as a standard set of information in one location. The label will encourage consistency and clarity for those presenting environmental, vehicle performance (MPG) and running cost information. 

Three environmental policies are communicated on the used car label regarding air quality, fuel labelling and ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEV)s. The introduction of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in England, Low Emission Zones in Scotland, and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London, all serve as vehicle emission-based charging schemes. Consumers will increasingly need to understand if a car meets the zones’ emission standard requirement and whether it is a ULEV. The government’s Road-To-Zero Strategy emphasises stimulating the take-up of ULEVs over the next decade. Finally, the Alternative Fuel and Infrastructure Directive (AFID) was transposed into UK regulations in April 2019 making it mandatory for new fuel labels to be shown on UK petrol and diesel pumps at service stations from October. 

LowCVP research concluded consumers prefer a simpler and ideally electronic car label. LowCVP intends to refresh the used car label to consider the aforementioned environmental policies and revitalise the design, whilst keeping a watching brief on the roll-out of WLTP. The intention would be to release electronic NEDC used car labels in Q4 of 2019, in advance of the introduction of the first CAZ.


  • Refresh the design of NEDC used car label in light of new environmental policies and simplify design
  • Work in partnership with key stakeholders to roll out revised label as soon as practicable
  • Explore how the NEDC used car label could be presented in electronic format
  • Explore how the used car label scheme can transition to WLTP
  • Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement

LowCVP Secretariat to lead in collaboration with SMMT, automotive data suppliers, VCA, DfT and NFDA.

Timeline and Deliverables

Project put on hold pending the completion of central database of vehicle information

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