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Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme

Project Brief

Working closely with the DfT/DEFRA Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU), the LowCVP and the Energy Saving Trust are to jointly develop and operate a technology verification scheme for clean air retrofit solutions for a wide range of vehicles. Funding for this programme of work has been derived directly from JAQU. Initially targeting buses and coaches and quickly developing into trucks, taxis, and vans, the scheme will enable technology providers to verify and accredit the performance of their products for NOx reduction and entry into Clean Air Zones.


  • To develop a set of test protocols (using the existing bus and commercial vehicle technology evaluation schemes as starting points) to accredit retrofit technologies which will deliver on road emission levels equivalent to those of new vehicle requirements for Clean Air Zones (CAZ) e.g. Euro VI/6 equivalent based on the best available data.
  • To produce a technical standard and accompanying documentation to enable eligible, credible technology suppliers to achieve accreditation.

The retrofit accreditation process will be technology neutral and designed to allow 'credible' emissions reduction technology to apply for accreditation. Technologies already potentially identified include: SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) fitted to exhaust systems, hybrid powertrain systems and engine repowers with gas (LPG or CNG). New technologies will need to provide roboust, independent relevant test data of the performance, prior to being considered for CVRAS accreditation.


Technical standard documentation and test protocol definitions.

Delivery Timetable

February 2017 to March 2018

Scheme launched (Buses) 31st July 2017

Project Management

This project will be managed by Andy Eastlake and Brian Robinson (LowCVP) and Colin Smith (EST).
With additional input from LowCVP's BWG (buses and coaches), CVWG (trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles) and PCWG (taxis).

Project Partners

Energy Saving Trust, JAQU, TfL


Related Resources

Further scheme documentation and information available via
Energy Saving Trust CVRAS website

Draft copies of the following documents are currently available for members only.

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