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Framework for Low Carbon Sustainable Fuels

Project Brief

The Transport Energy Task Force recommended to Government the development a framework for advanced fuels which is based on minimising GHG emissions and ensuring sustainability. This recommendation was developed further by the REA Sustainability Working Group to consider the sustainability of all bioenergy vectors and the BioFrontiers’ research to explore the conditions under which advanced biofuels for transport may be developed in a sustainable manner.

This project will build an understanding, in the UK context, of the recommendations on sustainability from available research across renewable transport and other sectors. It will identify opportunities for the UK renewables markets in transport and other sectors and seek to reduce costs and complexity for industry through common standards across sectors to support the UK Bioeconomy.


  1. To survey the sustainability criteria with which UK feedstock suppliers are required to comply in supplying to the renewable transport and other sectors including heat, power, materials and chemicals.
  2. To identify best practice and common approaches in sustainability reporting and regulation.
  3. To identify trends in EU and other international regulatory authorities relating to sustainability reporting for transport and other sectors.
  4. To make recommendations for promoting growth in the UK Bioeconomy based on potential sustainability benefits that the UK can demonstrate in a post Brexit economy.
  5. To identify a route map to developing a framework for low carbon sustainable fuels.
  6. Establish an Interest Group drawn from stakeholders outside the transport sector to develop a shared understanding of sustainability across the Bioeconomy.


Report and presentation to the FWG, DfT and BIES.

Dissemination and communications

Press release, publish report, newsletter articles.

Delivery Timetable

July 2017 – December 2017

Project Management

Jonathan Murray

Project Partners

REA, UKPIA others to be confirmed.

A member view...

As a Tier 1 supplier we value our membership of LowCVP which allows access to the full supply chain
Eman Martin-Vignerte, Director, Bosch UK