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Advanced biofuels – BioFrontiers

Project Brief

First generation biofuels were produced primarily from crop based feedstocks, which carry the potential risk of causing significant carbon emissions through Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC). This has led to a move to encourage biofuels to be produced from other feedstocks such as wastes and residues, described as second generation or advanced biofuels. This project will investigate the role advanced biofuels can play in reducing carbon emissions from road transport. This project will build on ICCT’s Wasted: Europe’s Untapped Resource report, which sought to quantify the waste and non-crop land available in Europe, and will take forward one of the key recommendations of the Transport Energy Task Force, namely to look at the role of advanced biofuels in decarbonising road transport in the UK.

The project will be led by the European Climate Foundation at a European Level, with the LowCVP extending the work into a UK-specific framework.


  1. The project will explore the risks and opportunities associated with producing biofuels from sustainable low carbon feedstocks, and the policies needed for this emerging sector.
  2. Identify those biofuel feedstocks and pathways that can deliver the highest climate benefits while minimizing environmental risks.
  3. Define the principles for sustainable allocation of the limited bio-resources that are relevant to bioenergy applications, while remaining technology neutral.
  4. Bring together a range of stakeholders across Europe including fuel producers and environmental NGOs.


  • Presentation
  • Full report – European
  • Full report – UK-specific

 Dissemination and Deliverables

  • BioFrontiers Consortium
  • Transport Energy Task Force
  • LowCVP conferences and events
  • Presentations to UK government and European Commission

Delivery Timetable

April 2015 – June 2016

 Project Steering Group

  • ECF Lead: Pete Harrison
  • LowCVP Lead: Jonathan Murray, Director of Policy and Operations
  • UK participants tbc

Key papers

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The LowCVP provides an effective way of engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers.
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