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Carbon & sustainability criteria study for low carbon fuels and other bioenergy sectors

Fuel Crops


There are presently different GHG emissions and sustainability criteria embedded across various government climate change policies based on using biomass as renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. BEIS recently published a new Bioenergy Strategy outlining various bioenergy supply chains and market opportunities for the UK following greater industrial integration of bioenergy. This escalation in use means it is essential that GHG emission standards and sustainability criteria are established and harmonised across sectors thereby avoiding market distortions and unintended negative environmental and social impacts, whilst ensuring the founding of a competitive market.

The joint LowCVP/DfT Transport Energy Task Force recommended the development of a framework for advanced fuels based on minimising GHG emissions and ensuring sustainability.  In harmonising carbon and sustainable criteria across bio-economy sectors, emerging recycled carbon fuels and renewable fuels of non-biological origin must be considered. A two-part project will be delivered by LowCVP.

Part 1: Developing the evidence base

A desk-based study, seeking to provide a better understanding of the carbon and sustainability standards current in places across transport (road, aviation and marine), heat, power, chemical and other sectors using biomass, recycled carbon and low carbon feedstocks. It will additionally look to achieve equivalence of carbon and sustainability standards across these multiple sectors. As part of this work stream an Interest Group drawn from various sectors outside the transport sector will be established to develop a shared understanding of carbon and sustainability across the bio-economy.

Part 2: Engaging the wider bio-economy sector

The findings of the study will be disseminated to the wider bio-economy sector through a workshop/seminar held in conjunction with BEIS. From this basis LowCVP will collaborate with BEIS to develop proposals to take forward recommendations for harmonising GHG emissions and sustainability criteria across UK the bio-economy and new low carbon fuels.


  • To build an understanding and make recommendations in the UK context of carbon and sustainability requirements from available research across sectors using biomass, recycled carbon and low carbon feedstocks.
  • To identify market opportunities for UK biomass, recycled carbon and low carbon feedstock in transport, heat, power, chemical and other sectors
  • To reduce costs and complexity for industry through common carbon and sustainability standards
  • To develop a framework for harmonising GHG emissions and sustainability criteria across the UK bio-economy and new low carbon fuels sectors and progress this alongside BEIS.

Timeline and Deliverables

May 2019 – March 2020



Evaluation study completed March 2020
Project interest group workshop March 2020 Postponed

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