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New Fuel Labelling Launch Campaign


The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID) has introduced a new standardised fuel labelling requirement across Europe. Roll-out of the new labels is required across the refuelling infrastructure by 1 September 2019 and to all new vehicles by April 2020.

New labels will therefore begin to appear on all the petrol and diesel dispensers and filler nozzles from June 2019; they are already found on some vehicles. ‘E5 Petrol’ or ‘B7 Diesel’ (and ‘E10 Petrol’ on new cars) labels will appear but in this form are potentially meaningless to the consumer.


  • To ensure the smooth introduction of the new fuel labels, minimising confusion
  • To raise driver awareness of the new standardised labels/descriptions for petrol and diesel (and hydrogen, LPG)
  • To provide reassurance and clarity on actual lack of direct impact, as E5 / B7 fuels are unchanged
  • To avoid instances of miss-fuelling or confusion at the pumps
  • To explain the descriptions, as a lead-in to E10 and other future renewable fuel grades
  • To highlight the positive benefits of renewable fuels
  • To provide easily accessible information and FAQs
  • To minimise negative reception / coverage.

Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement

LowCVP Secretariat in collaboration with the DfT Low Carbon Fuels Division through a series of in-depth working group meetings, with engagement from fuel industry’s key stakeholders.

Timeline and Deliverables

April – September 2019




Toolkit delivery

May 2019

Campaign website on gov.uk

May 2019

Launch PR, via DfT

June (TBC) to September 2019

New fuel label implementation deadline:

September 2019


The creation of a strong and engaging visual identity for 'Know Your Fuel' campaign.

A full set of finalised campaign elements that are fully approved and ready to be used by our partners:

  • Forecourt posters
  • Customer information leaflet
  • FAQ guide for retail staff
  • Trade press advert
  • Social media posts
  • Campaign branding and tone of voice guidelines, example copy, graphics and logos to enable partners to create their own campaign materials.
  • Clear and consistent comprehensive FAQs for partner use.
  • An example press release for partners to use.

Accessible campaign toolkit, signposting online resourcesA consumer-facing website on gov.uk, for additional information.Launch PR campaign via DfT comms, with LowCVP support.

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