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EV Network Group

Project Brief 

In order to provide a cost effective electric vehicle-ready network by 2030, the UK needs to develop a cross sectorial understanding of the investment in vehicle technology, recharging infrastructure and network capability.
The Electric Vehicle (EV) Network Group will facilitate dialogue between the low carbon automotive and utilities sectors, acting as the conduit for information to be shared between the sectors and UK Government. The Group will drive forward solutions that will allow electric vehicles to work in harmony with the UK electricity distribution network. It will act as a focal point to address both technological and infrastructural needs, to share research and to recommend measures to increase the number of electric miles driven on UK roads by 2030. 


The EV Network Group will:

  • Identify and assess options to decarbonise transport energy and make recommendations to Government and stakeholder groups.
  • Provide expertise from key stakeholders on specific themes and key issues identified by the Group. This will include provision and assessment of key evidence and data to support the direction of the policy.
  • In tackling these issues, the EV Network Group should focus on areas of agreement and report the areas where agreement is not so well developed.

The EV Network Group will take account of existing projects and communities activity and will work to:

  • Build cross community understanding.
  • Build information bridges.
  • Provide a conduit to the communities of stakeholders.
  • Scrutinise and agree the evidence base.
  • Seek to identify and remove surprises.
  • Provide a route for activity/project dissemination.
  • Provide a forum for consultation and response.
  • Identify evidence gaps or project opportunities.
  • Share questions and evidence.

Deliverables and Dissemination 

  • Establish a forum for EV infrastructure and local network stakeholders to discuss issues.
  • Review current projects and forums relevant to an EV-ready network and identify areas where further work is needed.
  • Make recommendations to Government relating to policy to prepare an EV-ready network.

Delivery Timetable

April 2016 – April 2017

Project Management

Jonathan Murray, Operations and Policy Director 

Project Steering Group

Project Steering Group: OLEV, DECC, DfT, Ofgem, ENA, Energy UK, SMMT, IMechE, BEAMA, Cenex, AA, Citizens' Advice and TfL.

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