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Accelerating supply of advanced low carbon fuels: part two

Part Two: Commercialisation of Advanced Low Carbon Fuels

Background & Challenge

Meeting the Government’s renewable energy target for 2032 will require the rapid commercialisation and scale-up of advanced fuels over the next decade. An acceleration in the supply of advanced low carbon fuels is also very likely to be needed to decarbonise the marine and aviation sectors as well as heavy duty/long-haul road transport. Market entry for such advanced fuels is perceived as challenging. Support mechanisms will be required to overcome market barriers and scale-up supply chains


  • To increase the supply of advanced, low carbon fuels to the UK market to help meet the net zero target and provide a viable alternative for hard-to-electrify transport applications

Actions & Outputs

  • Establish a stakeholder group
  • Identify candidate liquid and gaseous advanced fuels
  • Conduct a desk-based study to identify barriers to advanced fuels commercialisation and mechanisms to overcome those barriers; including literature review and interviews with key stakeholders from academia, fuels industry, finance and government
  • Hold a stakeholder workshop, publish final report and disseminate findings to government, industry and investor communities, academia & other


September 2020 to March 2021

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The LowCVP provides an effective way of engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers.
Sophie Ogunbiyi, Manager, External Affairs, Toyota Motor Europe