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Accelerating supply of advanced low carbon fuels - part one

Part One: Transport Energy Network

Background and Challenge

Aligning the fuel requirements of future propulsion systems with advanced, future fuels is a considerable and complex challenge in terms of research and development (R&D). This project represents a continuation of the Transport Energy Network (‘TEN’) collaboration between the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), Brighton University and LowCVP. TEN has produced a R&D community led Transport Decarbonisation Roadmap to 2050 covering a range of transport sectors, propulsion systems, energy vectors and fuels.


  • To promote the TEN Transport Decarbonisation Roadmap to 2050
  • To bring the fuel and vehicle communities closer together to identify optimal potential pathways for future road transport technology and galvanise Government support for the process

Actions & Outputs

  • Bring LowCVP stakeholder community to three Transport Energy Network workshops
  • Promote project outputs through LowCVP working group meetings, website and other means


September 2020 to March 2021

A member view...

LowCVP sits at the nexus of industry, policy and civil society, providing a valuable forum for objective research, debate and action amongst disparate stakeholders.
Adam Chase, Director, E4Tech