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Stimulating the uptake of high blend biofuels

Background & Challenge

There is currently no mechanism available to vehicle operators which provides reliable, independent information on the environmental performance of renewable liquid or gaseous road transport fuels. Though the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) provides a robust regulatory framework for verifying renewable fuels sold, a vehicle operator has no means of guaranteeing whether a biofuel purchased achieves minimum RTFO criteria. LowCVP has developed a Low Carbon Fuel Assurance Scheme to address this gap. An initial scheme framework was designed and agreed with members in 2019.

Raising awareness of the benefits of renewable fuels while recognising organisations who have adopted low carbon fuels could play an important role in influencing wider market adoption in the HDV sector. LowCVP plans to introduce a Transport Fleet Operator ‘Renewable Fuel Commitment’ initiative to demonstrate best practice. 


  • To provide reliable, independent information on the environmental performance of renewable road transport fuels
  • To promote leadership in renewable fuel adoption by transport fleet operators in order to encourage greater uptake in the freight and logistics supply chain

Actions & Outputs

  • Launch of a Low Carbon Fuel ‘kite mark’ of the independently-verified environmental/sustainability performance of biofuel brought to the market
  • Production of a low carbon fuel assurance certificate identifying the biofuel blend, GHG emission savings, volume of product sold for that period and any voluntary sustainability scheme certification
  • Launch the Transport Fleet Operator Renewable Fuel Commitment

Project designed and managed by the LowCVP Secretariat in collaboration with FWG members


April 2020 – March 2021

A member view...

LowCVP sits at the nexus of industry, policy and civil society, providing a valuable forum for objective research, debate and action amongst disparate stakeholders.
Adam Chase, Director, E4Tech