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Stimulating the uptake of smart meters by EV owners

Background & Challenge

The benefits of smart charging at home will be constrained without universal deployment of smart meters, which will enable billing based on time of use. Currently, the roll-out of smart meters is running behind schedule. This project looks at how to provide a coordinated approach and communicate the benefits when purchasing an EV and installation of a home chargepoint to include a smart meter.


  • Increase the awareness, understanding and uptake of smart meters in association with EV use
  • To help maximise the benefits available from smart meters to vehicle users and the energy system

Actions & Outputs

  • Formation of an industry forum to advise Government and Ofgem on how to encourage EV users to install a smart meter focusing on the point of chargepoint installation or EV purchase.
  • Exploration of the how the opportunities to influence EV users are maximised to encourage smart meters roll-out
  • An initial workshop will be established to identify stakeholders interested in participating in the project. This is expected to include DNOs, Smart Energy GB, CP Installers, vehicle dealerships and associated trade associations
  • A report with proposals for implementation and a dissemination process to secure industrial sign-up to the proposals and for ongoing monitoring


April 2020 – March 2021.

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