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EV chargepoint labelling

Background & Challenges

The EV sector is developing fast and innovating quickly, resulting in a range of products and charging solutions. In the short-term this will drive product and service improvement but will limit the interoperability of EVs, chargepoints and chargepoint networks. There is a challenge in balancing consumer choice (driving competition) and innovation, and the benefits of interoperability of the overall system and widespread consumer familiarity and comfort.


  • To ensure that chargepoint equipment has clear and understandable labelling linked to EV labelling to support consumer choice
  • To deliver greater benefits to the overall system through interoperability

Actions & Outputs

  • Formation of a group to engage with the EVSE and EV sector, and consumer groups to develop consumer-friendly product compatibility labelling between EV and EV supply equipment (EVSE)
  • Agree communications proposals: campaign messaging and materials required for consumers, EV dealerships (new and used), EVSE suppliers and fitters, and CPO staff. Assessment of potential for a public information campaign as part of broader ‘EV charging education’
  • There will be a series of workshops and meetings, working with designers to develop new campaign themes and materials
  • Outputs to include a fully developed public information campaign; print-ready materials; a toolkit for third parties to use at point-of-sale; online information portal; dissemination materials


April 2020 – June 2021.

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