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Work Package Four

Accessible Data for Decision Making

Currently there is a lack of accessible data for monitoring, planning, and forecasting EV use and charging patterns. There is also demand for low voltage network capacity maps, to assist with infrastructure investment decisions. Work Package 4 will aim to provide a perspective on the following:

  • Type of data required by different stakeholders.
  • Data hosting, collection, accessibility and ownership.

Specific questions

Work Package 4 should consider the following specific questions:

  1. How can data help DNOs improve system operation to help with EV demand?
  2. How can data help remove barriers/ease access to getting a connection for EV charging infrastructure (and help inform EV infrastructure investment decisions)?
  3. How could sharing of data (e.g. around demand forecasting) help the energy sector better meet the energy impacts of EVs?
  4. What is the relevant data for decision making, who owns it and who could benefit from it? Should it be shared for free or on a commercial basis?
  5. Do DNOs need better monitoring of the low voltage network or will real-time data from smart charging largely avoid the need for this?
  6. What data is needed to get the right types of chargepoints in locations that best meet the needs of EV users and the energy system?
  7. What data sharing between automotive and energy companies (e.g. battery state of charge information) would be beneficial and how could sharing of this data this be enabled and encouraged?