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The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce has been formed at the request of Government to make suggestions to Government and industry to ensure that the GB energy system is ready for and able to facilitate and exploit the mass take up of electric vehicles.

The Taskforce is chaired by Philip New, CEO Energy Systems Catapult, and is run by the LowCVP.


The Phase One Report

The proposals set out in this report are the result of the engagement, cooperation and goodwill of hundreds of organisations, spanning electricity distribution and supply, transport, energy retailers and charge point operators, the automotive industry, investors, local authorities, data and tech companies, consumer advocacy organisations, equipment manufacturers, regulators and central and local government. Attention has been paid to international developments, prior research and the work of other related task forces.

Three key priorities have emerged:

  1. The urgency of developing standards and codes of practice to enable interoperability and the sharing of data within the Electric Vehicle sector and with the electricity system.
  2. The need for effective local and national planning and coordination to enable efficient investment, mediating the balance between future-proofing and asset stranding.
  3. The criticality of smart charging; underpinned by a resilient network and clear market signals, to reduce the cost of supplying millions of EVs.

These three priorities run through the twenty-one proposals made by the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce. Underpinning the proposals is a key defining principle; the EV transition is best served by always aligning with the best outcome for the consumer – typically the EV driver. The most important question used to test the proposals has always been “is this in the best interest of the EV driver?” Our belief is that if a positive experience cannot be provided to the EV driver, the potential development of this new market and its ability to contribute to our ‘Net Zero’ ambition will be compromised. This focus on the best customer outcome supports our determination to ensure the electricity system is not a blocker to the rapid EV uptake required to achieve ‘Net Zero’. We have also been concerned to boost innovation and participation, taken economic equity and social impact seriously and adopted a wholesystem view over both the long and the short term.

This report focuses on steps to remove potential barriers and reinforce actual enablers. It provides a focus on key issues and states when important questions have to be resolved. The proposals are not just for Government. Success will need collaboration and compromise from all stakeholders, both in the energy and the automotive sectors. We hope that the report will catalyse action: agreeing standards, establishing new governance mechanisms, testing new propositions, developing implementation pathways. Pathways that bring us closer to ‘Net Zero’, unleash the innovation we need, and have the consumer at their heart.

- Philip New, EV Energy Taskforce Chair



EV Energy Taskforce Report Cover Image - Jan 2020


Work Package Reports

The EV Energy Taskforce work programme consisted of four work packages that covered a range of issues. Each of these 'Work Packages' produced their own report to summarise the work carried out in phase one.

Details of these work packages can be found below.

EV Energy Taskforce Stakeholder Group

The EV Energy Taskforce Stakeholder Group provides stakeholder input to and dissemination from the EV Energy Taskforce. The Stakeholder Group holds regular meetings to inform and invite comment from the wider stakeholder community. Register your interest below to get involved.

The founding members of the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce are:

Automotive Council UK LogoAutomotive Council BEAMA LogoBEAMA
ENA LogoEnergy Networks Association (ENA) ES Catapult LogoEnergy Systems Catapult
Energy UK LogoEnergy UK ITS Leeds Uni LogoITS University of Leeds
LowCVP LogoLow Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) National Grid LogoNational Grid
Ofgem LogoOfgem OLEV LogoOffice for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)
SMMT LogoSociety of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) TechUKTechUK
UKEVSEUK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (UK EVSE)


Latest News

  • EV Energy Taskforce reconvenes to drive action in the electric transition and help deliver Net Zero

    EV Energy Taskforce reconvenes to drive action in the electric transition and help deliver Net Zero

    22 October 2020

    The Electric Vehicle (EV) Energy Taskforce  - the Government-backed initiative bringing together key players in the energy, infrastructure and transport sectors – is moving to take the next steps to drive the transition to electric vehicles while delivering benefits to EV drivers, consumers and to the UK’s electricity system. Full details will be announced at an online event to be held this afternoon.

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  • 22 October: Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce - From Proposals to Actions - full agenda announced!

    22 October: Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce - From Proposals to Actions - full agenda announced!

    19 October 2020

    The Electric Vehicle (EV)  Energy Taskforce - which was convened by LowCVP to help bring energy and automotive stakeholders together to facilitate the electric transition in road transport - is moving into a new action and implementation phase. Sign up (free) for an online networking event on Thursday 22 October, from 2pm, to find out more about the Taskforce's next steps. BEIS Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, Kwasi Kwarteng MP has been confirmed as keynote speaker at the event. The full agenda has just been announced!

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  • Government announces winners of 'ground-breaking' research projects for World EV Day

    Government announces winners of 'ground-breaking' research projects for World EV Day

    10 September 2020

    The Government has announced the winners of a total of £12m funding through the Catalysing Green Innovation programme and 2020 Proof of Concept Competition. The announcements were made alongside others from Government and linked agencies, to coincide with World EV Day (9 September).

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