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Heavy Goods Vehicle Methane Strategy

Project Brief

The primary opportunity identified in the Low Carbon HGV barriers and opportunities report was to increase the use of methane, and ultimately biomethane, as a road fuel for HGV operation.

The LowCVP has been supporting the DfT Task Force activity to develop an overarching strategy together with the supporting evidence base and identification of additional work streams required, in order to make the long-term operational case for HGV operation on methane gas.

With the publication of the Gas Strategy recommendations and the guarantee for road fuel duty differential for 10 years, significant progress was made in 2013/14.  For 2014/15 the project focused on key areas of vehicles (availability, performance, regulatory aspects), refuelling (standards for infrastructure and gas, strategic locations) and gas supply (biomethane, CNG and LNG supply, transportation, compression/ liquefaction).

During 2015/16 the evidence base for methane use in trucks was enhanced with several research programmes. The LowCVP's study Emissions Testing of Gas-Powered Commercial Vehicles for the Department for Transport (commissioned in 2016) was published alongside the final report from The Low Carbon Truck Trial in January 2017.


  1. Building on the Recommendations on the use of methane and biomethane in HGVs document (published March 2014) Specific work packages will be identified.
  2. Sharing evidence on the pathways and availability of biomethane in transport (see links below)
  3. Supporting the evidence development on methane and GHG emissions.

Project Outputs

Delivery Timetable

Testing completion summer 2016. Report publication January 2017.

Next steps

Further test work to be taken forward by LowCVP Commercial Vehicle Working Group as part of 2017/18 work programme (subject to additional funds). Members interested in joining this Working Group should email the LowCVP secretariat.

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