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Evaluating alternative technologies

Project Brief

One of LowCVP’s fundamental roles is in the provision of robust evidence on the emissions performance of alternative technologies and fuels, versus conventional solutions. The Commercial Vehicle Working Group is currently engaged in a variety of projects to:
  • Develop new and improved test cycles, procedures and protocols
  • Baseline existing technologies
  • Assess the emissions performance of alternative technologies


  1. Develop a robust and representative test cycle and procedure for emissions testing of Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) and test a variety of alternative fuels and technologies against current Euro VI vehicle comparators (joint project with WYG, Cenex and Millbrook, funded by Transport for London).
  2. Develop a set of detailed testing protocols for assessing the eligibility of HGVs for the extension to the Plug-In Van Grant (LowCVP project for OLEV).
  3. Develop and pilot a robust and representative test procedure for auxiliary Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) and make recommendations regarding procedures suitable for other transport refrigeration units (LowCVP project funded by Innovate UK).
  4. Assess the effects of payload, driving style and HVAC use on the range of various battery electric commercial vehicles to provide robust evidence to the fleet/operator market (joint project with WYG, Cenex and Millbrook funded by Transport for London).


Reports suitable for publication, test protocol document.

Delivery Timetable

April – December 2018

Project Management

The TRU and PIVG projects will be managed by Brian Robinson, the EV range and RCV projects by WYG, all with input from CVWG members and other expert stakeholders.

Project Partners

Innovate UK, OLEV, Transport for London (LoCITY), WYG, Cenex and Millbrook

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The LowCVP provides an effective way of engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers.
Sophie Ogunbiyi, Manager, External Affairs, Toyota Motor Europe