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Commercial Vehicle Working Group

Over recent years the LowCVP’s Commercial Vehicle Interest Group has shadowed and supported work being carried out under the auspices of the DfT’s Low Emissions HGV Task Force. This has included the development and launch of an accreditation scheme for retrofit carbon reduction technology for HGVs and testing of various gas-powered vehicles in 2016.

To build upon this work and more actively support the DfT’s growing freight carbon reduction agenda, as well as contribute effectively to other programmes such as Transport for London’s LoCITY initiative and the work of the Defra/DfT Joint Air Quality Unit, LowCVP has re-convened its Commercial Vehicle Working Group in 2017. The CVWG will provide the primary mechanism for LowCVP members interested in freight decarbonisation and emissions reduction to engage in and plan our 2017/18 work programme, influence policy-making and collaborate with like-minded organisations and individuals.

If you are interested in participating in the CVWG, please email the LowCVP Secretariat. The meeting schedule has not yet been finalised but is anticipated to involve meetings in early March, early July, end September and early December each year. Offers of venues, particularly outside of London, would be much appreciated.

LowCVP Lead: Andy Eastlake, Managing Director and Brian Robinson, Commercial Vehicle Programme Manager.

The Group's achievements include:

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A member view...

The acceptance of so many significant changes in technology have mainly been driven and brought about by the dedication of the LowCVP.
Alan Martin, Baumot