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Supporting the Ultra Low Emission Bus Scheme

Project Brief

In 2018, DfT and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles announced a £48million package capital grant funding to support the purchase of Ultra Low Emission Buses and supporting infrastructure in England and Wales. The grant money is aimed at accelerating the deployment of Ultra Low Emission Buses in fleets, to further improve air quality in towns and cities and reduce well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions from bus fleet operations. In Febuary 2019, the DfT annoucned the winners of the ULEB Scheme, funding 263 Ultra Low Emission Buses across England and Wales.

LowCVP's role is to support manufacutrers acheive ULEB certification for their bus models, support local auhtorities and operators identify best practice examples and facilitate networking to ensure rollout of ULEBs happens as quickly as possible. LowCVP are also supporting the DfT with understanding the uptake of low carbon buses tehcnologies and fuels across the UK, highlighting trends and identifying key areas where capital grant shemes can support the industry. 

The Utlra Low Emission Bus Scheme

The Ultra Low Emission Bus Scheme draws heavily on the work carried out by LowCVP's Bus working Group on the UK Bus Cycle test and establishing correct levels of grant funding for ULEBs, as well as testing Euro VI diesel buses to establish an average greenhouse gas performance of conventional market vehicles.

An Ultra Low Emission Bus is defined as having a 30% greenhouse gas saving on a well-to-wheel basis compared to a Euro VI diesel bus of equivalent passenger capacity.

For more information on the ULEB accreditation scheme, the UK Bus Cycle test procedure and grant funding, please visit the Low Emission Bus Hub

Visit the Low Emission Bus Hub


  1. To continue supporting OLEV and DfT with the roll-out of the Ultra-Low Emission Bus scheme.
  2. To continue supporting DfT in the BSOG reform review.
  3. To continue monitoring the roll-out of low emission buses in England and Wales. 


  • Update the Low Emission Bus Guide with a chapter on ULEB and include accredited ULEB models
  • Support members with testing and ULEB accreditation process
  • To provide dedicated pages detailing the ULEB accrediation scheme on LowCVP’s Low Emission Bus Hub

Deliverables and Dissemination

Ultra-Low Emission Bus webpages, Ultra- Low Emission Bus Workshops, Updates to Low Emission Bus Guide and BWG meetings.

Delivery Timetable

March 2017 - present

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The LowCVP provides an effective way of engaging with a broad range of stakeholders and policy makers.
Sophie Ogunbiyi, Manager, External Affairs, Toyota Motor Europe