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Low Emission Bus Guide

Download the Low Emission Bus Guide

Project Brief

LowCVP has identified that the provision of technical, operational, financial and environmental information pertaining to low emission buses (LEBs) has a key role to play in stimulating market growth in the UK. Smaller bus operators and local authorities would most benefit from this information as they often do not have the resources to find this kind of information in an easily accessible format. In response to this, LowCVP intends to produce a Low Emission Bus Guide. The guide would ultimately aid purchasing decisions and encourage the adoption of LEBs. The guide will help to identify how different bus technologies and fuels, plus accompanying recharging/fuelling infrastructure, best suit different fleet operators and local authority priorities such as improving air quality and tacking climate change. Real world bus operator case studies from the UK and Europe will be outlined explaining the purchasing rationale, operational and financial benefits of low emission buses. By providing a myriad of up to date and useful information, we hope to raise awareness about the environmental, practical and economic benefits of integrating LEBs into bus fleets across the UK.


  • To set out the business, environmental and operational case for using low emission buses including OEM products and retrofit equipment.
  • To provide a brief overview of the policy framework, both national and local, related to air quality and climate change related specifically to buses. 
  • To provide greater depth of understanding about the availability low emission bus technologies and associated infrastructure, and to identify the operational context to which they are best suited. 
  • To provide case studies of operating LEBs in the UK and Europe. 
  • To produce a simple accompany tool to assist decision making and technology choice.

Deliverables and Dissemination

Download the Low Emission Bus Guide

A short and accessible guide for bus fleet operators and local authorities accompanied by on-line tool. 

The LEB Guide will be launched at an LEB seminar at the CENEX LCV2016 event on 14th September. The guide could potentially have much wider outreach and serve as a guide for European bus operators and local authorities. LowCVP will raise awareness about the guide and disseminate it at in the ELITPTIC dissemination event – UK Bus Summit on 10th November 2016. 

LowCVP will organise several webinars to promote the guide and run two local authority workshops. The LEB Guide will distributed by UTG, CPT, LGA and sign-posted on LowCVP website.

Delivery Timetable

Completed - September 2016

Project Steering Group

Volvo, ADL, BYD, GBA, Scania, First Group

A member view...

LowCVP sits at the nexus of industry, policy and civil society, providing a valuable forum for objective research, debate and action amongst disparate stakeholders.
Adam Chase, Director, E4Tech

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