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Low Emission Bus Regional Workshops

Download presentations from Low Emission Bus Workshop Birmingham - 11th December 2018

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Low Emission Bus Workshop Resources

The Low Emission Bus Workshop series is designed to inform bus operators and local authorities about the range of Low Emission Bus technologies and fuels currently available in the UK. The regional workshops will provide insight from local authorities and bus operators who have implemented low carbon and low emission bus technologies into their fleets over the last 5 years, highlighting key challenges and solutions alongside the environmental and financial benefits observed. The topics will cover technologies and fuels including: hybrids, battery electric, plug-in hybrids, biomethane, efficient diesels, biodiesel and SCR retrofit systems.

If you are interested in hosting a Low Emission Bus Workshop in your region please contact daniel.hayes@lowcvp.org.uk.  

Delegates to the workshops will receive a free hard copy of the Low Emission Bus Guide, which is also available to download via the Low Emission Bus Hub, the home of all things bus related on the LowCVP website.

Visit the Low Emission Bus Hub

Project Brief:

The Bus Working Group has made extensive progress undertaking various pieces of research to demonstrate the financial and environmental (carbon and air quality) credentials of different low carbon bus fuels and technologies, in conjunction with examining the barriers and opportunities to expand the low carbon bus market in the UK. A recent study has highlighted that bus operators would benefit from receiving evidence of the performance and cost savings associated with different fuels and technology and information regarding new technologies only just entering the market.  The opportunity for bus operators to share first-hand experience of low carbon technologies and to engage with their peer group, bus and technology manufacturers, will assist in dispelling various negative views of certain technologies and provide confidence in low carbon bus fuels and technologies. This is essential for stimulating the purchase of low carbon buses. 
The overarching aim of this series is bringing together bus operators and manufacturers as well as local authorities to raise awareness about the performance, both environmental and financial, of a variety of low carbon fuels and technologies. Additionally the event will raise awareness about innovative technology trials such as inductive charging and hydrogen fuel cell buses. LowCVP will provide copies of the Low Emission Bus Guide to delegates to suppliment the presentations content.
The workshops will involve a networking session to enable bus operators and local authorities to speak to one another and allow bus, technology and fuel manufacturers to discuss their experiences and ask questions. Several Low Emission Buses will be demonstrated at the event. 


  1. To encourage the take-up of Low Emission Buses through providing bus operators with evidence of performance of low carbon and low emission buses and enhance confidence in new technologies. 
  2. To enable bus operators to share their experiences and obtain up-to-date information on the low carbon bus market in an open forum. 
  3. To provide networking opportunities for bus operators, manufacturers and policy makers. 


  • 4 regional Low Emission Bus Workshops taking place across the UK. 

Delivery Timetable:

  • March 2017 – March 2018

Project Steering Group:

Birmingham Airport 11th December 2018

The Sixth workshop took place in Birmingham at Birmingham Airport on Tuesday 11th December 2019. 

Principality Stadium, Cardiff, 19th July 2018

The fifth workshop took place in Cardiff at the Principality Stadium on Thursday 19th July, with an closing speech from Councillor Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Recycling and Environment

Scottish Events Campus (SEC), 8th March 2018

The fourth workshop took place in Glasgow at the SEC on Thursday 8th March, with an introduction from Councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction.

Nottingham Conference Centre, 16th November 2017

The third workshop was held in Nottingham on Thursday 16th November, and was opened by Local Transport Councillor Sally Longford.

University of Leeds Business School, 11th July 2017

The second workshop was held at the University of Leeds Business School on Tuesday 11th July.

University of Manchester, 30th March 2017

On the 30th March, LowCVP held our first regional workshop of 2017 at the University of Manchester in the Great Hall. The event was co-hosted by Transport for Greater Mancester with over 100 delegates in attendence.

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