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Kickstarting Ultra-Low Minibus and Coach Markets

hybrid coach


LowCVP will produce a paper outlining the barriers to the uptake of ultra-low emission (ULE) technologies and fuels in the minibus and coach markets in the UK. Both operators and local authorities have emphasised the need to increase uptake of these technologies and fuels in the minibus and coach markets. Both markets currently lag buses with limited ultra-low emission models available, leading to minimal uptake. LowCVP will seek to understand and summarise barriers in both markets and recommend relevant support. These recommendations could include dedicated incentivisation schemes similar to the LEB/ULEB schemes for the bus market.


  • Consult with OEMs, local authorities and operators to identify barriers to the uptake of ULE technologies in the minibus and coach markets in the UK.
  • Recommend possible interventions through national government policy to stimulate the creation of and demand for ULE technologies and fuels in these markets. This could link to the dedicated EV infrastructure grants for local authorities.

Project management and stakeholder engagement

LowCVP Secretariat with BWG member collaboration including OEMs, operators, local authorities, fuel suppliers, technology and infrastructure providers.

Timeline and Deliverables

August 2019 – March 2020



Desk-based study report

March 2020

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