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  • Government brings forward target to end sales of combustion engine cars to 2035


    The Government has announced that it plans to bring forward the ending of the sale of combustion engine cars and vans in the UK from 2040 to 2035. Making the announcement at the launch of the UN Climate Summit - which is scheduled to take place in Glasgow in November - the Government also confirmed that the proposals include ending the sale of all hybrid vehicles. It says that the deadline may be earlier if a faster transition is feasible, subject to consultation. 

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  • Citizens Advice says public must be "at the heart of process" in net zero transition


    In the first in a series of reports examining the impact of the net zero transition on consumers, Citizens Advice says that the government must put the public at the heart of the process or risk undermining the country's ability to reach the targets. The report 'Zero Sum' finds that 82% of people canvassed in a nationally representative sample said they support the goal to reach net zero by 2050. 

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  • DfT announces increases in funding for on-street chargepoints


    The Department for Transport has announced that it is doubling funding to £10m for the installation of chargepoints on residential streets next year. The Government is also considering how real-time information can also be made readily available, helping cut waiting times by showing which chargepoints are currently being used.

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  • EV Energy Taskforce news: Government advisory body says electric vehicle revolution can be a boon to the UK’s energy system


    [News release:] A Government-backed taskforce bringing together key players in the energy, infrastructure and transport sectors has demonstrated that an effectively managed integration of electric vehicles with the energy system can significantly improve electricity network efficiency, increase system resilience and limit the requirement to build costly new infrastructure to meet growing electricity demand.

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  • Report shows EV battery prices had fallen 87% in nine years to 2019


    Electric vehicle battery prices, which were over $1,100 per kWh in 2010 had fallen 87% in real terms to $156/kWh in 2019 according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). They are forecast to be close to $100/kWh in 2023 when, they say, EVs should be close to achieving purchase cost parity with their ICE counterparts. Meanwhile, a separate study suggests that EV battery degradation is slower than is commonly perceived. 

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  • Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce report to be launched on Tuesday January 14


    The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce will launch the report “Energising Our Electric Vehicle Transition” on Tuesday January 14th in central London. The Taskforce is the widest collaboration between the energy supply, transport and mobility sectors along with government. It has been facilitated by the LowCVP, at the request of government, to maximise the benefits arising from the EV transition for motorists, the energy industry and wider society by capitalising on innovations including smart charging. Seminar agenda just published!

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  • T&E publishes 'Blueprint for battery regulations in Europe'


    Brussels-based NGO, Transport & Environment, has published a 'Blueprint for battery regulations in Europe' which discusses the key areas to be addressed to ensure battery sustainability and the lowest life cycle impacts. Meanwhile, a Birmingham University study, published in Nature focuses on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries in the UK.

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  • New report says UK must embrace digital opportunities or risk missing out on green transport revolution


    A rapid roll out of new digital technologies, like integrated mobility apps and remote diagnostics, is critical if the UK is to capitalise on the growing low carbon transport market, according to a new report by Green Alliance. The 'think tank' says that failing to adopt smart clean transport will also undermine the UK’s efforts to reach the goal of net zero by 2050. 

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  • DfT announces UK's first transport decarbonisation plan


    The Government has announced plans for the full decarbonisation of the transport sector by 2050. The announcement follows four months after the UK legislated for net zero emissions by 2050 and is published as a formal response to the latest progress report from the Committee on Climate Change. 

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  • EV Energy Taskforce stakeholder engagement workshops 9 & 13 Sept


    The Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce is holding a series of regional stakeholder engagement workshops including upcoming events in Glasgow (9 Sept) and London (13 Sept). The Taskforce, which is facilitated by the LowCVP, has been formed at the request of the Government to help ensure that the UK's energy system is ready for and able to facilitate and exploit the mass take up of electric vehicles.

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