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  • LowCVP 2019 Conference focuses on future fuels - all resources now available


    The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s 16th Annual Conference, took place in Westminster on July 8. ‘More than electric dreams? Future Fuels on the Road to Zero' asked whether accelerating the drive to battery electric vehicles can deliver road transport’s contribution to ‘net zero’ or whether we’ll need to use ‘other tools in the box’ to cut emissions from liquid fuels and combustion engines while we’re undergoing the electric transition.

    Conference presentations, videos, images and other resources are now available from a dedicated page on the LowCVP's website.

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  • LowCVP is recruiting! New Technical & Programme Director sought


    The LowCVP is seeking to recruit a new Technical & Programme Director. This is a senior role requiring an accomplished people and project manager, commercially astute who can create collaboration and engagement both internally and externally with partner organisations and institutions in both the private and public sectors. (NB Deadline August 31!)

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  • SMMT points to industry sustainability gains but new car CO2 emissions up after sustained fall


    The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) says that automotive industry productivity has risen by more than 200% since 1999, pointing to sustainability gains in energy use, water and CO2 emissions over the 20-year period. SMMT says that CO2 per vehicle produced has more than halved and new car CO2 has declined by a third over the period. However, average new car COemissions rose 2.9% from 121g/km in 2017 to 124.5g/km in 2018. 

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  • MPs group publishes final report on prospects for British bioethanol


    The All Party Parliamentary Group on British Bioethanol has published its final report, saying that the UK will likely soon lose the £1bn bioethanol industry unless E10 (10% mix of ethanol in petrol) is introduced swiftly - and by 2020 at the latest.

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  • UK to introduce mandatory installation of EV chargepoints for all new homes


    The Government has published proposals that would implement a requirement for all new homes to be fitted with electric vehicle chargepoints and a call for evidence on the longer-term options for smart charging. In a raft of announcements to support the uptake of EVs, the Government has also promised that all public rapid chargers will be credit/debit card friendly by Spring 2020. Company Car BIK tax rates have also been confirmed with benefits for EV drivers.

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  • Call for expressions of interest in Horizon 2020 projects


    Over €350m is available through the EU's Horizon 2020 programme which can provide up to 100% funding towards project costs. UK organisations are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Horizon 2020; though the UK is due to leave the European Union on October 31st, the UK Treasury has guaranteed to fund the UK elements of any project if the EU is unable to do so.

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  • "Now do it" - CCC says UK Government must now implement policies to deliver 'net zero' requirement


    Speaking at the launch today of the Committee on Climate Change's (CCC) 2019 Progress report to Parliament, Chief Executive Chris Stark said that the world is "currently, optimistically - at best - on track for 3 degrees Celsius warming" and that policies must urgently be implemented to ensure the net zero targets - just enshrined in UK law - can be met. The report says the surface transport sector is now the largest contributor to the UK's greenhouse gas emissions and, therefore, a key area in need of intensified policy focus.

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  • LowCVP publishes work programme alongside Annual Conference


    The LowCVP has published its latest work programme for the next year which aims to create the building blocks and evidence base across all road transport areas to enable the largest, most rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • £37m Government funding to support EV recharging innovation


    The Government has announced investment of £37 million in twelve projects to support innovations in electric vehicle recharging. Projects include wireless charging, 'pop-up' charging hubs built into the pavement and cutting edge storage technology development.

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  • Conference highlights priorities beyond electrification needed to deliver ‘net zero’ climate targets for road transport


    Today’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Annual Conference brings together leading speakers, representatives of government, key stakeholders and other experts to ask whether electrification alone can deliver the urgent reductions in GHG emissions needed from the road transport sector. Alongside the conference, the Partnership is also announcing a new, comprehensive work programme to lay the foundations and build the evidence base for progress.

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