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  • LowCVP completes study to inform presentation of environmental information to car buyers


    The LowCVP has recently completed a research study to provide insights into how car buyers access and perceive environmental and fuel consumption information relating to vehicles and fuels and how this can affect purchase decisions. The study will help inform the presentation of future ‘environmental’ labels and other manifestations of information for car buyers. 

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  • Summer of heat, floods and storms may be caused by Arctic warming


    In common with several other parts of the earth, the UK has experienced an increasing frequency of extreme weather events such as this year's hot, dry summer. Droughts, wildfires and floods have also been occurring with greater frequency in other parts of the world. According to an analysis published in Nature Communications, rising temperatures in the Arctic - linked to climate change - have slowed the circulation of the jet stream and other giant planetary winds, which has led to pressure fronts getting 'stuck' and to greater weather extremes.

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  • LowCVP Annual Conference feedback and resource materials


    96% of respondents to a survey about the LowCVP's 2018 Annual Conference rated the presentations at the event as either 'Very Good' or 'Good'. 84% of respondents to the survey about the event, which took place on July 12 in Westminster also rated the event as 'Very Good' or 'Good' in terms of value for money. All the Conference resources are now available on a dedicated LowCVP web page.

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  • Which? survey finds 80% of diesel cars exceed emissions limit in latest tests


    Tests of 61 modern diesel cars by Which? since the start of 2017 found 47 of them (77%) exceeded the Euro 6 emissions limit of 0.08g/km of NOx  (oxides of nitrogen), despite having passed official standards. On average, the diesel cars tested under the 'real world' tests carried out by Which? produced 0.27g/km of NOx – nearly three and a half times the existing official Euro 6 limit.

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  • Study finds electric buses operating are cleaner on well-to-wheel GHG basis all over US


    A new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds that electric buses operating in all areas of the United States (i.e. under widely varying electricity grid mix) produce lower emissions of greenhouse gases than the diesel or natural gas buses that they replace.

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  • APC announces £20m funding for low emission propulsion development projects


    The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has announced its 11th funding competition through which £20 million is available to support the development of low carbon propulsion technology.

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  • Government consultating on air quality impacts of brakes, tyres and road wear until Sept 28


    The Government's consultation to advise on the impacts on air quality and emissions of brakes, tyres and road wear will run until 28 September. Responses to the consultation are now being invited. Other consultations on E10 petrol and fuel pump labelling (closes Sept 16) and Future of Mobility (Sept 10).

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  • TRL report evaluates what's needed to achieve mass market EV uptake


    TRL has published interim research investigating the challenges and opportunities involved in transitioning to a secure and sustainable low carbon vehicle fleet. The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is investing £5m in the two-and-a-half year Consumers, Vehicles and Energy Integration (CVEI) project which is being delivered by TRL. 

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  • Government starts work on 'Future of Mobility Grand Challenge'; opens consultations on future mobility and 'last mile' deliveries


    The Government has opened two calls for evidence - on the future of mobility and on 'last mile' deliveries - as it begins work on how to deliver the greatest benefits from the technological changes which are likely to transform transport in the future.

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  • LowCVP Conference focuses on enabling transition on the ‘Road to Zero’



    The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s 15th Annual Conference, which took place on July 12 in Westminster, focused on consumers' role in relation to that of producers and policy makers in driving progress towards the objectives outlined in the recently announced ‘Road to Zero' strategy. All the Conference presentations, videos, images and other resources are now available from a dedicated page on the LowCVP's website. 

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