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Third and final instalment of LowCVP's 'Green Bus' box set published

Sun 12 February 2017 | Back to news list | More bus news


The LowCVP has published the third in a 'trilogy' of reports for Greener Journeys describing how significant progress has been made in 'greening' the UK bus sector through long-term policy focus, industrial commitment and effective partnership working between a wide range of stakeholders and, ultimately, focusing on passengers' needs.

The third in the series of reports - 'Any Journey is Greener by Bus' - was launched at the UK Bus Summit in Westminster on February 9 in the presence of the minister responsible for buses policy, Andrew Jones MP. The LowCVP Managing Director, Andy Eastlake, presented the report at the Summit (see presentation link) and the report was widely picked up by a range of media.

The latest report follows 'A Green Bus for Every Journey' which (in November 2016) presented a range of case studies showing how low emission buses are in use for an increasingly wide range of operations across the UK.

The series began (in February 2016) with 'The Journey of the Green Bus'  which described how - after a decade and more of planning and progress -  buses are now playing an increasingly important part in cutting carbon emissions from road transport sector and, in particular, reducing pollution in cities around the UK.

The LowCVP's Bus Working Group has been closely involved in many of the discussions and policy developments (for example the series of Green Bus Funds) which have helped to deliver such encouraging progress in the sector. The Group remains centrally involved in government plans for the future of this vital sector.

The series of reports were commissioned by Greener Journeys, a campaign established to encourage more trips by bus and coach while stimulating economic growth & access to jobs, reducing congestion & CO2.

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