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The Journey for the ‘Road Transport Emissions Advice Group’

Sun 01 April 2018 | Back to news list


The rate of change in the UK's road transport sector has accelerated in recent years, driven by the need for decarbonisation and to tackle air pollution. The Government's 'Road to Zero' strategy provides a framework to deliver these ambitions but driving change at the rate required creates challenges in terms of information and consumer understanding if motorists are to come on the journey with industry. The Road Transport Emissions Advice Group (RTEAG) has been set up by the Department for Transport with support from the LowCVP to help tackle some of these challenges.

Throughout 2019 and beyond many new policies and initiatives will be coming into play – from new fuel labelling and the new WLTP fuel economy and emissions test to Clean Air Zones and changes in vehicle taxation in 2020. On top of this, motorists are increasingly bewildered and confused by the new fuel and technology choices open to them.

For these initiatives to be effective and new car technologies to be adopted, consumers need full awareness, understanding and appreciation of the benefits they offer – which has been clearly acknowledged in the ‘Road to Zero’ strategy and which has led to the formation of the RTEAG.

This group brings government, industry and consumer groups together to help ensure motorists receive the clear and consistent messages, help and advice they’re looking for on the new policies being introduced and technology choices available to them, so that they’ve the confidence to choose the right car for them, whilst helping to achieve the UK’s climate change and air quality targets

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership is working closely with DfT to facilitate this group and actively playing a key role in delivering the objectives.


For more information or to get involved, please contact the LowCVP Secretariat.

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