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Sunderland plant to produce new and recycled batteries for home energy storage

Fri 05 May 2017 | Back to news list

Nissan has announced a collaboration with US power firm Eaton to begin production of energy storage systems for households. The venture pits Nissan and Eaton in competion with Tesla, which sells its 'Powerwall' produced at its large 'Gigafactory' in Nevada.

The cells will be made by Nissan in Sunderland, where its Leaf electric car is built, and sold in partnership with the US power firm Eaton. Buyers will be able to choose cheaper, used batteries that are no longer fit for electric car use, or more expensive new ones.

With falling costs, home electricity storage is seen as increasingly attractive in the UK, particularly to early adopters and the 850,000 homes with solar panels.

By storing the electricity they produce, solar owners can make what they generate more valuable by using it in their homes when they need it, instead of exporting it to the grid.  Nissan and Eaton estimate that the system would make customers about £43 better off each month.

The lithium-ion batteries are expected to cost from £5,000, depending on the home, with installations carried out by a nationwide network of electricians beginning in July.

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