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Route to Tomorrow's Journeys - Micromobility Regulations

Wed 27 November 2019 | Back to news list


The LowCVP is working in association with the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), to develop the PLV market and to begin the discussion around the prospects for micromobility vehicles in the UK. Care will be needed to appropriately regulate this emerging mode of transport, to ensure the safety of riders, pedestrians and other road users.

Building on the recent publication of The Route to Tomorrow's Journeys Strategy, a draft discussion document is being worked on to facilitate a constructive conversation around the development of, and regulations required for, the emerging micromobility sector.

Micromobility vehicles, such as stand-on scooters with an electric motor, could provide a part of the solution to the pressing urban challenges of congestion and air quality. Their use on both pavements and roads is increasing daily and has already become widespread in many UK cities, albeit currently illegally or, at least, outside of current legal frameworks. This inevitably raises questions about safety and appropriate regulation.

The document is intended to stimulate a discussion around micromobility regulations, ensuring they are safe to use and fit for purpose, while seeking not to stifle the development of this innovative form of transport.

LowCVP's MD Andy Eastlake, said: "With the backdrop of MCIA and LowCVP focus on 'the right vehicle for the right journey' it's also important we advocate 'the right regulation for the right vehicle'."

Both the MCIA and LowCVP believe that there is potential for micromobility vehicles and other PLVs to play a key role in reducing emissions and traffic congestion in urban areas. Additionally, the properly managed and regulated growth of this market would give innovative British companies a clear framework to enable them to benefit from the opportunities that the changing transport landscape presents. 

Contact LowCVP or MCIA if you would like to hear more about this initiative.

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