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Research finds no performance damage to EV batteries used in V2G trials

Tue 01 August 2017 | Back to news list

A new study from the University of Warwick has suggested that use of a electric vehicle batteries to power large buildings in a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) scenario does not necessarily degrade battery performance and can even improve it. 

The researchers found that with intelligent use of V2G technology, energy from idle cars can be used by buildings without degrading the car's battery. Concerns had been raised that this this approach could adversely affect EV batteries. In fact, the university reports that using electric vehicles as mobile energy storage units can actually boost vehicle battery life by around 10 per cent. 

Working with the Energy and Electrical Systems group of the university’s research division WMG and Jaguar Land Rover, Dr Kotub Uddin analysed advanced lithium ion batteries used in commercially available EVs over a two year period. 

This facilitated the creation of a highly accurate battery degradation model to predict battery capacity and power-fade over time under various ageing acceleration factors including temperature, state of charge, current and depth of discharge.

Dr Uddin said: “These findings reinforce the attractiveness of V2G technologies to automotive original equipment manufacturers; not only is V2G an effective solution for grid support – and subsequently a tidy revenue stream – but we have shown that there is a real possibility of extending the lifetime of traction batteries in tandem. The results are also appealing to policy makers interested in grid decarbonisation.”

Business Green reports that he discovery could be signficant for energy grid development with the National Grid anticipating electricity demand could increase by up to 18GW by 2050 unless smart charging technologies are brought in to manage the charging patterns of millions of new electric vehicles expected to hit the streets. (See related story.)

However, the discovery could equally provide a boost to the financial case for electric cars as it would improve renewables integration on to the grid, and deliver significant emissions reductions and cost savings for users.

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