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(Press release) LowCVP celebrates low carbon transport innovation at match-making event in London

Fri 14 February 2014 | Back to news list


From super-efficient electric powertrains to liquid-air engines and advances in fuel cells and in refrigerated transport, the LowCVP yesterday celebrated a range of innovations which have the potential to cut carbon emissions, improve efficiency and lower costs in the road transport sector.  

The LowCVP recognised the participants showcasing road transport innovations at ecoConnect’s Cleantech Innovate 2014 Showcase. British growth-oriented and venture-ready technology companies presented live at what is the largest innovation showcase of its kind in the UK. 

Cleantech Innovate celebrates all that is great about green industry innovation in the UK. The entrants were showcased at the sell-out event which included a keynote address from energy and climate change minister Greg Barker. 

Cleantech is the UK’s most dynamic and growing sector, estimated to be worth over £120 billion and a key driver to the country’s future economic and environmental success.  The sector already employs almost a million people.

The winning entrants were selected by an independent expert panel. They presented their innovations today to a diverse audience including investors seeking new opportunities in clean technology; corporate buyers seeking green technology solutions and partnerships; media covering the sector and its trends; and dealmakers from law firms and accountancies.

The showcased companies with a low carbon transport application are:

  • Amalyst
  • Autotrip Ltd
  • Dearman Engine Co Ltd
  • E-Car Club
  • Epicam Ltd
  • Evolute Drives (Drive System Design)
  • Revolve Technologies Ltd
  • Teva Motors

The winner of a LowCVP commendation as most impressive of the road transport-focused entries is: Evolute Drives (Drive System Design) who, in recognition, have received free membership of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership for the coming year.

The LowCVP Managing Director, Andy Eastlake, said: “The entries showcased today demonstrate how adept UK engineers and other specialists can be in developing innovative and effective concepts and solutions. 

“Many of the ideas challenge conventional thinking, showing potential investors that UK companies have the talent and ingenuity to be leading players in the low carbon transport industries of the future.”

The entrants with a road transport orientation showcased at Cleantech Innovate 2014 included: 


Amalyst is a revolutionary spin-out from University College London, exploiting breakthrough catalyst technology. Its low cost, high performance catalysts are designed as 'drop-in' replacements for expensive platinum in fuel cells and water electrolysers.

Autotrip Ltd

Autotrip offers technology for fleet managers providing cost reduction, risk mitigation and carbon management. Autotrip’s telematics system enables fleet managers to track their fleet’s operations in real time from a clear and easy to read user-interface on a tablet or laptop. It enables the accurate forecast of cash flows, helps prevent unnecessary trips. 

Dearman Engine Company Ltd

Dearman is showcasing a zero emission piston engine using liquid air as the fuel. Savings of 20 – 25% in diesel and 100% in emissions mean that the engine has applications in the global refrigeration and transport markets. The inventive step lies in the use a heat exchange fluid to promote rapid heat transfer inside the engine, vapourising the liquid air into gas and, uniquely, extracting both power and cooling from the same unit of fuel.

E-Car Club

E-Car is the UK’s first entirely electric pay-per-use car club, designed to provide community members with the convenience and flexibility of a full-sized private car without the high cost of owning one. It uses integrated scheduling systems enabling electric vehicle car-sharing to operate commercially.

Epicam Ltd

Epicam is an advanced engine development company aiming to market a compact, high performance, rotary engine providing post-carbon clean power. The EpiQair engine converts to shaft power the pressure energy released from liquid air.   It enables stored cryogenic energy to facilitate a wide range of local static and transport power solutions. Epicam's technology can also produce liquid air using local renewable energy sources.

Evolute Drives (Drive System Design)

Evolute Drives aims to bring next generation powertrain for electric vehicles to the market. The heart of the system is an alternate approach to powershifting (no torque interrupt) achieved by separating the existing functions of a synchroniser. The system can mean a 10-15% improvement in the range of electric vehicles.

Revolve Technologies Ltd

Revolve promises a revolution in hydrogen propulsion for vehicles. The company is developing hydrogen internal combustion in a diesel engine, allowing equivalent power, torque and thermal efficiency to be achieved. It has 16 vehicles running in commercial operations and has made £2m investment over 3 TSB projects.

Teva Motors 

Teva Motors is developing hybrid range-extended electric trucks for the medium-duty delivery truck market, which deliver lower costs of ownership than diesel trucks. Teva’s vehicles offer the environmental advantages of pure electric vehicles with the flexibility and performance of diesel trucks. A diesel engine recharges the battery on the move as required, addressing the 'range anxiety' issue faced by pure EVs.

Link to full LowCVP press release.

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