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Mayor of London's new strategy proposes more public and shared transport, active & healthier travel

Thu 22 June 2017 | Back to news list | More bus news

The Mayor of London has announced a transport strategy consultation which proposes a major focus on walking and cycling and a pledge to make the entire transport system zero emission by 2050. The Mayor aims to increase the proportion of people walking, cycling and taking public transport to 80 per cent of journeys by 2041.
The proposals include plans for new Tube trains, green buses and taxis, new river crossings, and the transformation of London’s streets to make walking, cycling and public transport the most appealing and practical choices for Londoners right across the capital. The draft strategy also outlines how vital Crossrail 2 and a transformed suburban rail metro service are essential for the capital’s future economy, jobs and homes.
Proposals in the draft strategy include plans for:
• Delivering more frequent Tube services to achieve a fast, accessible, affordable and reliable network across the whole of London. 
• Expanding the transport network, helping to improve journeys and unlock housing developments and create thousands of jobs across London. 
• Forging ahead with Crossrail 2.
• Transforming London’s streets and cut car journeys by three million each day via a major focus on helping Londoners reduce their reliance on cars. A record investment in walking and cycling is proposed, 
• Working to ensure London’s entire transport system is zero emission by 2050, through a phased approach and building on the forthcoming introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone and the T-charge.
• Maintaining investment in London’s extensive bus network to keep it one of the finest in the world and fully zero emission by 2037. 
• Creating a London suburban rail metro service to radically improve rail travel in outer London. 
• Take advantage of the latest innovations to improve passenger experiences, including the latest real-time information.
The Mayor Sadiq Khan said:  “Only by focusing on active travel, providing efficient zero-emission transport and reducing our dependency on cars, can we improve the health of Londoners, support economic growth, deliver homes and jobs, and make our city an even better place to live.”
Paul Morozzo, clean air campaigner at Greenpeace said: "This ambitious, well-thought-through long term vision for the London transport system is very welcome. Investing in public transport, walking and cycling is crucial to solving the air pollution problem effectively. We also look forward to the Mayor's initiatives in the short term which will improve air quality by helping to phase out the diesel vehicles responsible for much of the roadside pollution blighting our city and expanding the ultra-low emissions zone. London is a city at the cutting-edge of so many fields - let's turn it into a clean transport leader too."
Soon after the transport strategy announcement, the Mayor also revealed plans for a new bus retrofit programme that will see around 5,000 buses upgraded to meet the latest Euro VI emissions standard.
Transport for London says that the programme will cut emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter by up to 95 per cent. By 2020, it says, the entire London bus fleet will be at least Euro VI standard. 
London will spend £86.1m on the programme, with around 5,000 buses being retrofitted with a new bespoke Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust system. Diesel Particulate filters will also be installed.
The Mayor recently set out in his draft Transport Strategy that by 2037 at the latest, all 9,200 buses across London will be zero emission.

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