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LowCVP working closely with Government on key projects

Mon 20 February 2017 | Back to news list


The LowCVP is working closely with OLEV, the Department for Transport and the Joint Air Quality Unit to support these and other government bodies on a number of projects.
The Partnership has been commissioned to undertake work on EV road signage linked to the Go Ultra Low Cities scheme that could be used to signpost ULEV access to specific sections of roads in certain cities.
The LowCVP is helping government to clarify definitions of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles  (ULEVs), Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and their interaction with other mechanisms to promote carbon reduction and cleaner air.
The Partnership is also working closely with officials from central and local government to build on the work it has already completed on retrofit accreditation for commercial vehicles, aiming to ensure that policy mechanisms deliver the maximum emissions reduction possible.
Amongst other areas, the LowCVP is also working closely with government to ensure that the rapid changes taking place in vehicle and fuel technologies and the way these are evaluated are communicated as effectively as possible to consumers.
Managing Director Andy Eastlake said: “The dual challenges of air quality and climate change have never been more urgent for both policy makers and the public. With the dramatic changes in how cars are assessed, combined with the ramp-up of new car technology, we are working together with our members to bring clarity to the policies and consumer information necessary to deliver the maximum possible benefits”.  
"The LowCVP relies on the input from our wide range of members to ensure all aspects are considered and incorporated, helping to create the most robust, rigorous approach to the government's policy development.”
The 2017/18 LowCVP work programme is now being finalised and membership for the next year will enable companies to engage, shape and implement the next generation of low carbon, low emission vehicles and fuels.
Stakeholders in road transport who are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality and who wish to take part in framing future policy are welcome to apply to join the Partnership

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