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LowCVP to host series of zero emission vehicle workshops beginning with events in Perth, Reading

Wed 27 November 2019 | Back to news list | More bus news


LowCVP will be hosting a series of Zero Emission Fleets workshops in the coming months, focusing on different vehicle sectors. An event in Perth on December 4 will cover commercial fleets while a second, in Reading on December 5, will focus on buses.

With the growth in electric vehicle numbers within commercial fleets, operators face a new challenge - ensuring their depot electricity capacity is sufficient to meet their recharging needs, through their network connection, on-site energy storage and smart energy management solutions.

The first workshop will be held at SSE in Perth, Scotland on 4 December and will explore the challenges of fleet and depot electrification. The workshop is aimed at operators from all sectors and fleet sizes, as well as local authorities and others interested in sharing experiences and learning more about the challenges of introducing electric vehicles.

The second events, also a partnership with SSE in Reading on 5 December will focus on buses.

The workshops will discuss the barriers to electrification, the solutions available today as well as the potential opportunities for operators. The events will provide more details about the steps that need to be taken towards the electrification of different types of vehicle fleets.

Topics discussed will include grid upgrade and connection, on-site battery storage, on-site renewable generation, electrification of leased properties and opportunities presented by time of use charging and selling electricity back to the grid at peak times.

The agenda of the Reading event will include talks from:

  • SSE Enterprise - Grid connection, private wire, financing
  • LowCVP - Ultra Low Emission Buses: Technologies and Funding
  • Big Lemon (Operator) - Depot electrification on leased property + on-site solar PV
  • More to be confirmed


Future events in this series of Zero Emission Fleet Workshops can be found on the LowCVP Event Page

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