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LowCVP statement on the COVID-19 pandemic

Thu 26 March 2020 | Back to news list


The spread of COVID-19 across the UK and much of the world has brought challenges for us all. The LowCVP team is adopting working practices in accordance with isolation rules announced by the Government and will continue to focus on our mission to support the transition to low carbon vehicles and fuels in pursuit of the 2050 Net Zero objectives.

LowCVP secretariat members are already familiar with remote working practices. All staff members are now working remotely and communicating as a team on a daily basis through digital technologies. The team will continue to work remotely for as long as necessary.

We hope to embed the most useful elements from our current experience of fully remote working into our future organisational practices and we encourage members and stakeholders to join us on this journey.

As an organisation, we will continue to deliver programmes and provide advice, information and support to stakeholders across the UK.

The working group programme – the hub of our activities – will continue to run using the most suitable digital technologies. We will be convening a variety of other meetings, discussions and webinars. We hope to run our annual conference in the summer in a similar, innovative way.

We are continuing with our work and remain productive, effective and focused.

Members and stakeholders will continue to be able to communicate with staff members through the usual channels. Office phones are diverted to a mobile respondent while emails and other digital communications will be received as normal.

The LowCVP offices at One Birdcage Walk are currently closed. Should there be a need to send a physical package to any member of staff, please contact secretariat@lowcvp.org.uk to make the practical arrangements.

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