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London to introduce more hydrogen vehicles and hybrid buses

Tue 28 February 2006 | Back to news list | More bus news

The Mayor of London is planning for the introduction of 70 new hydrogen vehicles to the city by 2010 and has issued a challenge to the vehicle and fuels industries to get ready to deliver the necessary vehicles and refueling technology.

There are currently three hydrogen fuel cell buses on trial and more are planned as a part of the London Hydrogen Partnership's 'London Hydrogen Transport Programme' which aims to make London a leader in clean technologies.

Transport for London has already begun the procurement process for 10 new hydrogen-fuelled buses.

The original hydrogen fuel cell bus trial has been extended until the end of this year. Hornchurch will continue to provide service as a refuelling station following a successful planning application.

Earlier, the Mayor announced that Transport for London have introduced six hybrid vehicles to the city's bus fleet. The buses, running on Route 360 through central London, use a 1.9litre clean diesel engine to keep the electric motor which powers the bus fully charged.

Supplied by the Wright Group, the buses each cost around £200,000, compared with around £120,000 for a comparable single-decker vehicle. The manufacturers claim that fuel savings will give a payback on the original premium within ten years.

Transport for London says that the initial tests show the buses improve fuel efficiency by 40% and also cut local pollution by a large amount.

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