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Latest figures show renewable fuels are 4% of all road fuel supplied in UK

Fri 09 August 2019 | Back to news list

According to the latest Department for Transport statistics, over 800 million litres - around 4% of the total - of renewable fuel has been supplied to the UK market for road and non-road mobile machinery so far this year. 

Of the total, 256 million litres eq. (32%) has been verified so far under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO).  Of this verified supply, an aggregate greenhouse gas (GHG) saving of 81% was achieved when compared to fossil fuel use. Accounting for emissions from indirect land-use change reduces this GHG saving to 76%.

The figures demonstrate continued progression in the sustainability of renewable fuels, but stagnancy in terms of volumes sold. The latest figures for 2018 show a GHG saving of 78% and overall volume also at 4%.  Bioethanol has contributed 4.8% of petrol content indicating the continued saturation at the E5 level. LowCVP continues to campaign for a coordinated introduction of E10 to enable further progress in renewable liquid fuel penetration. 

So far this year, 19% of all verified renewable fuel supplied to the UK was produced from feedstocks originating in the UK.

Of the verified renewable fuels, biodiesel made up 56%, of which 80% was from used cooking oil, while bioethanol accounted for 37%, with 47% of the fuel being made made from sugar cane. 

Under the RTFO, larger suppliers (over 450,000 litres pa) of fuel to the UK market for road and non-road mobile machinery must supply 8.5% renewable fuel in 2019, rising to 12.4% in 2032, although suppliers can buy out of the obligation on a fixed-price per litre basis.


Note: The LowCVP's 2019 Annual Conference (July 8, Westminster) focused on the prospects for future fuels - other than electricity - in the UK. All the Conference resources (presentations, audio, video etc) are available on the event resources page.

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