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Government announces £14m hydrogen vehicle winners and £6m funding for electric taxi recharging

Tue 05 February 2019 | Back to news list | More bus news

The Government has announced the winning bids for a £14m hydrogen vehicle competition, involving 6 different projects from across the UK. Also announced was the award of over £6m to support the installation of around 300 rapid chargepoints and 46 fast chargepoints for electric taxis operating in 17 local authority areas including in Greater Manchester, Brighton and Hove, Leicester and the north east. 

Jesse Norman, Future of Mobility Minister, said: "The government wants all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040. Getting the right infrastructure and investment in place is a crucial part of this.

"Today’s funding will support almost 4,000 ultra low emission vehicles across the country. It is a further sign that the UK is making real progress in the transition to greener transport."

It's estimated that more than 800 ultra-low emission black cabs and more than 3,000 ultra-low emission private hire vehicles will benefit from the new chargepoints.

Meanwhile, the Government has also announced the winners of a £14 million competition to fund hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure projects.

Projects awarded funding involve 106 vehicles (73 cars & 33 buses). They include: 

  • Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Initiative (5 cars in Middlesbrough and Stockton on Tees)
  • Hydrogen Mobility Expansion Project II (51 cars in Crawley)
  • Northern Ireland Hydrogen Transport (3 buses in Belfast)
  • Towards commercial deployment of FCEV buses and hydrogen refuelling (30 buses; 5 in Aberdeen and 25 in Liverpool)
  • Riversimple Clean Mobility Fleet (17 cars, Monmouth)

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