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Daimler to manufacture electric and hydrogen buses

Sun 20 March 2016 | Back to news list | More bus news

Daimler Bus, owners of Mercedes-Benz, have announced that the hydrogen fuelled Citaro F-CELL and pure electric Citaro E-CELL will be brought up to assembly line production standard, with the first buses expected to be in operation from 2018.
The zero-emission vehicles are to be part of a joint 'E-Mobility' platform which includes charging systems of the plug-in and pantograph variety. This will allow a modular approach to powertrains and charging solutions allowing Daimler to adapt to customer needs while keeping costs down.
The new Citaro F-CELL will be the fourth generation of hydrogen powered fuel cell buses released by Daimler to date. The new buses have aim to have a fuel consumption of less that 10kg/100km and availability rate of over 90%.

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