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The LowCVP which was established in 2003, is a public-private partnership that exists to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels and create opportunities for UK business. Nearly 200 organisations are engaged from diverse backgrounds including automotive and fuel supply chains, vehicle users, academics, environment groups and others.

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Rutherford Drive
Parkfarm South
United Kingdom

Switchboard: 01933 334 267
Website: www.cummins.com

Cummins is a global company whose intent is to use innovation and technology to make people's lives better. At Cummins we take our low carbon responsibilities very seriously and this is reflected in our environmental policy which lays out a global corporate commitment to improve the environment in which we live and work. Cummins primary business is the development and manufacture of internal combustion engines and as such we invest a considerable sum of money annually in the development of new technology to meet cleaner exhaust emissions regulations whilst reducing the amount of carbon fuel produced by our products. Cummins actively partners with legislators, suppliers and customers to establish future solutions to the environmental challenges. A considerable part of Cummins work is aimed at finding new solutions for the future, be this for production 5, 10, 15 or even further into the future. We have dedicated resource continually working on finding new innovative solutions. To this end we consider that membership of the low carbon partnership will allow us not only to contribute some of what we know, but also to take the knowledge and products of others and apply them to help jointly resolve the technical challenges that lie ahead.

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The LowCVP’s strength lies in the breadth of its membership, wealth of information and a place to meet key industry contacts
Glenn Saint, Chief of Engineering and Manufacturing, Arrival